The Glorious Fourth in Potatoland


Guest blogging today is my sister from up north in Idaho.  I think you will agree that she is wickedly funny.  Enjoy the weekend!

While I don’t generally find myself inspired to write or do anything creative here in my own private Idaho, today was an exception. Today was that most American of holidays, Independence Day. And Idahoans are, if nothing else, the most American of Americans. But still, it was with amazed disbelief that I watched scores of Idahoans at dozens of roadside fireworks tents lining up to buy the stuff. I was incredulous because the weather here has been as high as 110°, and not less than 95°, for the past week! It has been hot, dry, and even a bit breezy. Yet tonight, as I write this, my neighbors are sitting in their Walmart lawn chairs, beside their parched, yellow lawns, and lighting their purchases afire in the streets. The brightly colored lights shoot up into the air with a bang or a whistle, then the sparkly glowing bits spiral back toward the street and said parched lawns to the oohs and ahhs of adults and children alike.

So I’m listening to all this and wondering if Idahoans are, in fact, any smarter than their famous potatoes. But then, I remember the signs I saw today at the roadside tents and I understand why they bought these flaming projectiles to flirt with the tinder laden landscape: it was a bargain! The price was just too good to resist. There were boards on the side of the road advertising last minute specials on pyrotechnics. “1/2 OFF” proclaimed the signs. “$40 COMBO PACK only $24”. And they say Idaho is near the bottom of the nation’s education rankings. I say that’s nonsense! If Idahoans were stupid, they’d never be able to spot such a deal! Now I realize that Idahoans are smarter than their famous potatoes. But just a bit.