Traitors Can Just Leave Now

Now that Election Day is upon us here in the United States, I will repeat what I wrote in this space months ago:  Like it or not, Hillary Clinton will be our next president.  Personally, I don’t like it, but I am an American and I accept the mandate of the majority, even when I find myself in the minority.

If you voted for Donald Trump, sorry, but every election has a winner and a loser.  Those who backed the winner may feel smug or elated; those who backed the loser may be devastated.  I say good for those who backed the winner; those who backed the loser will just have to get over it.  We’ll all have to get used to it and get back down to business now that the dog and pony show is over.  That’s how our democratic system of government works.

As for those who have vowed to relocate to Canada if Mr. Trump wins, I say do us all a favor and just leave now.  The fact that he has lost this election has nothing to do with it.  What if he had won?  I say to those who are unable to accept the will of the people, to those who are unable to accept the election of the duly nominated standard bearer of one of the two major parties, that you are not only sore losers and crybabies, but also un-American.  Those who can’t deal with our system of government when it doesn’t happen to go their way should do us all a favor and decamp for some other country that they think does it better.

Oh, and don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Tuesday is Election Day.  Get out there and vote, folks (whoever you support).


3 thoughts on “Traitors Can Just Leave Now

  1. Such an interesting view. I’m glad I am not a “traitor” in Canada when I do not accept our candidates. I like the freedom of opinion and I wouldn’t find it to be un-Canadian for having one. I’m happy that we are never limited to two choices, like these two clowns who should not be allowed to run for president, each for different reasons. I have heard nothing but distress, fear and disgust from Americans about this election. Is it the will of the people when these are their only choices. I call it surrender. As for moving to Canada…it is funny how some think they can simply move to another country. It took my American husband years to go through immigration procedures. He had to be sponsored by me. We had to prove our relationship, etc…very complicated and lengthy process.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Mish. Just to clarify, I am not expecting anyone to “accept” any candidate, just to accept the will of the people, even if it happens to disagree with one’s own point of view. There is a difference.

      By the way, I have the greatest respect for Canada. I have been honored to visit twice, once on each coast. Next, I’d like to visit the Canadian Rockies and the prairies of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as the Maritimes. And I am aware that emigration to Canada is a long and arduous procedure, something that our would-be expatriates don’t seem to appreciate.

      Also, I agree with the value of having more than two candidates from which to choose. Fortunately, we do. For starters, there were 15 Republican candidates, any of which Republicans could have chosen. But they chose Trump, for better or for worse. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it. Too bad it lost them the election. Furthermore, those who cannot stomach Clinton or Trump should feel free to vote for Johnson or Stein.

      So while I, too, have heard nothing but fear and disgust, the people have only themselves to blame. The candidates did not fall out of the sky. They were chosen by the people during the primaries. Republicans need to accept the Democrats’ choice and the Democrats need to accept the Republicans’ choice. There is no surrender about it at all.

      As far as the traitors who choose to abandon us when things don’t go their way, I will laugh my ass off if Canada turns them down. Perhaps they will find sanctuary in one of the many war-torn nations of the world.

      It’s great to see you here, Mish. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for your polite response to my little rant and for clarifying some of your comments further. There are definitely some differences between U.S. and Canadian politics and our system is not free of flaws. I do like that we have other parties that have gained strength, are given the right to participate in debates and one in particular that has beat out the popular two in the past. Canadians tend to vote for change and for the particular individual running. We change our minds a lot, based on the issues and we are a little (or perhaps a lot) more laid back about politics. It seems that many Americans are loyal to a certain party, even to the point of it being a family tradition. Maybe that has changed in more recent times. Not meaning to stereotype…just some observations over the years during visits, friends and family and of course the U.S. media we are inundated with.

    I haven’t seen the Rockies since I was a child, so it’s on my bucket list too!

    Good luck, whichever way it goes….

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