Eastern Wanderings

The 2016 Great American Escape

Now that we are just eighteen days away from our epic 6,000 mile road trip adventure, the time has come to reveal our final itinerary.  I mean “final” in the sense that our travel plans have been through several versions and this is where they stand at the moment.  Nevertheless, we are quite aware that our ambitious plans will likely result in some of the stops we have planned being cut due to a desire to spend just one more day in a lovely place or perhaps just because we are sick of driving and require a rest day.  We are also reserving the opportunity to head home sooner if we decide we’ve had enough.  After all, we’re not spring chickens anymore.

Initially, we made a lot of hotel reservations, most of which we later canceled in an effort to add a free-form element to the trip.  This gives us the ability to change the order of our stops and even to decide to visit other places at the last moment.  We believe that having an itinerary should impose some structure on a trip without serving as a straitjacket.  We hope we’ve struck the right balance.

The following are a few of the places that we hope to visit on the eastern leg of our trip:

Supreme CourtWashington, D.C. (photo courtesy of supremecourt.gov)


New York City (Times Square photo courtesy of Wikimedia)


Cape Cod

Cape Cod (photo courtesy of Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism)


Old North Church

Boston (Paul Revere Statue/Old North Church photo courtesy of Destination360.com)

WNEC LawSpringfield, Massachusetts (Home of Western New England University, my law school alma mater – go Golden Bears!)  (photo courtesy of Google Images)

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls (photo courtesy of Niagarafallslive.com)

I look forward to posting some of my own photos as we crawl around the east coast!

Tomorrow:  Central/Western Wanderings






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