The Week Before Christmas


‘Twas a week before Christmas and all through our place
the wrapping of gifts proceeded apace.

There were some for the nephews and some for the nieces
and treat bags with Kisses and Kit Kats and Reese’s.

In red, green and blue the tree was ablaze
and we knew that the kids were all counting the days.

There’s a pot luck at church and a service on Sunday
then out-of-town guests here for dinner on Monday.

We’re planning out meals and which songs we’ll be singing
while the doorbell and phone are constantly ringing.

Every three or four hours, we run to the store
and later, we realize we have to get more.

So it’s back in the car for a trip into town
with a grin and a carol and nary a frown.

Then we’ll run out of OJ or crackers or cheese
while everyone’s palate we’re trying to please.

But we try to maintain the old Christmas cheer
although we are grateful it’s just once a year.

For soon we’ll have naught but our mem’ries and pics
and boxes of leftover candy cane sticks.

We’ll pack up the ribbons, the red and the green
just as soon as we ring in two thousand fifteen.

We’re enjoying the blessings of those we hold dear
as we wish merry Christmas to friends far and near.

Happy Holidays!

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