Three Interviews

In each of the past three months, I have had to travel out of town for job interviews.  There was Orange County in April, Eureka in May, and Oregon this month.

The Oregon interview ended at three in the afternoon, at which time we immediately headed home to California.  At 11:00 the next morning, the employer called to inform me that another candidate had been selected to fill the position.  Wow, that was fast, I thought.  Although the vacancy was advertised to the public and drew applications from all over the western United States, who would have believed that the perfect person for the position was right there all along?  Amazingly, it’s true.  And so it was that the employer happily promoted one of its long-term employees into the managerial position.  Still, the employer felt the need to speak to me personally to let me know that I provided such excellent responses to the questions posed to me by the interview panel.

At the end of the Eureka interview, which was held on a Friday, the panel assured me that they expected to make a decision by the following Friday.  A week passed and I heard nothing.  Then two weeks passed, then three weeks.  Finally, just this Thursday, nearly a month later, I received a rejection letter via snail mail.  The purpose of the letter was to inform me that I have not been selected to move on to the oral interview, which would have been the next step in the hiring process.  Huh?  If I have not been selected for an oral interview, someone please tell me what all that talking was I did with the panel last month and why I spent all that money to travel to Eureka?  Clearly, one of us is losing our minds, and in this case, for a change, I don’t think it’s me.

As for the Orange County job, it would be correct to say that I have yet to be treated to the unmitigated pleasure of an oral interview.  We made the 16-hour round-trip in April so that I could take written examinations for two different vacancies advertised by this employer.  I did this with full awareness that, if I performed well enough on these tests, I might eventually be asked to lay out the funds for another trip to sit for an interview.  I took one test on Friday and the other on Monday, meaning that we had to pay for a hotel room over the weekend.  That little trip cost us more than five hundred dollars.  Now that two months have elapsed, I am pleased to report that I received an email from this employer two days ago:

Thank you for your recent participation in our Operations Manager I/II (Deputy Manager) recruitment.

Congratulations!  We are pleased to inform you that your name has been placed on the eligible list of qualified candidates.

The eligible list established from this recruitment will be used for current and future vacancies and will remain active until the list is exhausted or a new eligible list is established due to a new recruitment.  Please note that placement on the eligible list does not guarantee an interview.  Candidates will be referred based on the hiring department’s specific needs and requested criteria.  Should your name be referred, you will be contacted by the hiring department.

Again, congratulations!

So what do you think, folks?  Should I just pack it in and retire now?  I’ve been getting my ducks in a row, you know.  After all, I have my application in for Food Stamps, I’m obtaining some excellent experience standing in line for drought relief canned food and I am pleased to report that I recently earned five dollars by writing a 400-word article about packing moving boxes.

I think I’ll book my reservation for that beach villa in Aruba now.


2 thoughts on “Three Interviews

    • Yes, I agree, and it makes for a very frustrating experience, particularly when you’ve been out of work for a long while and you apply and apply and just end up spinning your wheels. It is discouraging.

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