I write this on the tiny screen of my iPhone, sitting in the car in the parking lot of FoodMaxx.  Why?  Because somehow a cable was cut in our little town and none of us have had phone or internet service all day.

As these things always go, this was one of the worst days possible for our internet to go out.  Why?  Because I am doing some online work on contract and it had to be done today.

Of course, I didn’t discover my predicament until after I had eaten a leisurely breakfast and sat down at my laptop at the appointed time.  My niece, who had just arrived with her little one, agreed to drive me to Starbucks over in the next town.  My wife and I began rushing around packing up my computer stuff and I hurried out the door with my niece.

What I left behind on the end table was my full cup of tea from which I had barely sipped.  I later learned that my little grandniece managed to pull it down, dumping the (soy) milky contents all over the carpet.

Little One is now 16 months old and is quite the handful.  She is obsessed with the trash, both the putting things into and the removing things therefrom. The other day, she reached into the garbage can, pulled out a handful of sunflower seed hulls and was found stuffing them into her mouth.

We have a new playpen now.  Time-outs in the naughty chair are to no avail.  And the word “no” is meaningless to her.  So we are constantly removing her from tugging on the gas line, hiding behind the rocking chair and strewing the contents of dresser drawers all over the floor.

My wife recently performed a Google search on “how to discipline a 16 month old.”

For real?



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