A California December

electric blanket

It has gotten really cold here.

I know.  It’s December.  It’s supposed to be cold.

Not here.  I mean what the heck?  This is California, for crying out loud!  When I lived in New York and New England all those years, everyone spent the winter whining about the snow and cold, wishing they could live in a warm place such as Florida or California.

California, in particular, was mythic.  The home of Schwarzenegger and Mickey Mouse.  Everyone there was either a movie star or a surfer dude, and we’d all seen the romantic photos of couples walking along the beach and enjoying the ocean at any time of year.

Joe Dee Messina sang “Heads Carolina, tails California, somewhere greener, somewhere warmer.”

The Mamas and The Papas were busy California dreamin’.  “I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A.”

Even in L.A., the weather people are calling for 41°F tonight.  But here, two-thirds of the way up from Mexico to Oregon, we’re going to have a hard freeze tonight, 23°F.

Just for kicks, I checked the forecast for some of my old haunts back east.  They may hit the low forties tonight.

Somehow, being in a place that is significantly colder than New York seems to defeat the purpose of living in California.

I am reminded that we don’t have blizzards here.  Sure, how often did that happen back in NYC?  Once per winter, maybe?  I remember my last winter on the east coast very clearly.  We barely had two flakes of snow to rub together the entire winter.

Be that as it may, this type of weather does not bode well for the homeless in our area, particularly those unable to reach a shelter or unwilling to stay there.  I am told that our homeless friend is still sleeping in his sister’s car, inside a fleece-lined sleeping bag, wearing a coat and covered by blankets.

I think what I’m supposed to do is smile and be glad it’s the holiday season.  It’s the eighth and final night of Hanukkah, and Christmas is just around the corner.  Cold weather is supposed to be a part of the whole ambience.  Mittens, scarves, hot chocolate and all that.  We wouldn’t want Frosty the Snowman to melt, now would we?  And perhaps, as we see our frozen breath while running about shopping, a taste of the North Pole will encourage empathy for the hardships endured by Santa and his elves.

I suppose that’s all well and good for the children and the Christmas carolers.

As for me, I stand with my bloggy friend, Vagina.

I want my electric blankie.


8 thoughts on “A California December

  1. 😉 I grew up in Cali! I’m a bay area girl. That is cold for sunny California!! Growing up as a kid there, we would have sunshine every Christmas. If it happened to frost over night, we would be so excited and try to form an ice ball out of the frost on the grass. It usually was only about the size of a golf ball, but we thought it was cool. And then throw it at someone and they always ended up with a bruise….because it’s an ice chunk. 😉 Nothing but LOVE for the blanket with the heat!!

    • I am reminiscing about some of the things I did to handle the frigid winters back east. I’d crank the heat up to 90 degrees and call it “my own private Florida.” Heavenly gas and electric bills!

      I remember ice balls from playground days in New York. It really hurt when someone lobbed one at your head!

  2. It’s 60F in NYC today :). But it’s been brutally cold off and on the past few weeks, and yes, it does always make me worry about the homeless.

    • Wow, 60 degrees in December in New York! When it got that warm in the winter, we used to consider it beach weather. People would don shorts and everyone in the neighborhood would be outdoors walking around and socializing like it was some kind of party.

    • Wow, your weather back east sure is fluctuating from one extreme to the other! I lived for 30 years in NY, NJ, CT and MA, and I remember the schizo weather very well. Now that I’m in California, what happens? They’re calling for snow tomorrow! I think I’ve been sucked into a worm hole from which there is no escape!

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