On the Road Again (and again, and again, and again…)

We have put a lot of miles on old Holly lately.  In fact, one could say that we have done the grand tour of the tri-state area.  In the last three or four weeks, we have been to Banning CA, Riverside CA (three times), Yuma AZ and Laughlin NV.  Whether it’s work, pleasure or just a trip to Wal-Mart, it means jumping in Holly and zooming at least 100 miles down the freeway.

It looks as if lots more travel will be on tap for the month of May.  Enjoy the photos and thanks for riding along with us!


Windmills 1Windmills 2

Windmills in the San Gorgonio Pass along Interstate 10, between Palm Springs CA and Cabazon CA (about 80 miles east of Los Angeles). You can’t tell from the photo, but it was a windy day through the pass and the windmills were turning furiously.

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset, Bullhead City AZ

River Palms

River Palms Resort, Laughlin NV. This is one of our favorite weekend getaways out in the desert.

Breakfast at Daniel's

Breakfast at Daniel’s Restaurant in the Regency Casino along the Strip in Laughlin NV. Omelette Florentine with breakfast potatoes and rye toast. This place is a hole in the wall that has excellent food. We also had dinner there Friday for their all-you-can-eat fish fry. The cod is fresh and flavorful with a light breading. The quality has been consistent since we discovered this place a couple of years ago.

Regency cow

Regency Casino’s bovine mascot. Daniel’s Restaurant was once known as the Tropical Cow; the outdoor sign continues to display the old name.


Sign on the Regency’s beefy mascot stating “Do not touch or sit on cow (splinters).”


D’Angelo’s Restaurant, Bullhead City AZ. This is our favorite spot for Italian food in the desert. It is a locals hangout, favored by retirees living along the Colorado River. This place is difficult to find if you don’t know where you’re going. From northbound AZ Hwy 95, take a left at Riverview (just past Wal-Mart). All the way at the end of Riverview, take a right, a left and another right. It is located just off the river by the marina.

D'Angelo's salad bar

D’Angelo’s salad bar. Any salad bar that contains pickled beets, chick peas, Chinese corn cobs and pineapple gets my stamp of approval!


Eggplant parmagiana and spaghetti at D’Angelo’s. The fresh marinara sauce was delicious! Served with garlic bread and all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar. The price? $11.00. Donna had her favorite, the “butcher’s” calzone, which has an all-meat stuffing and is served with marinara or meat sauce on the side. This place is a hidden gem and I can’t praise it enough.

Colorado River

Colorado River from the Nevada side, looking across to Arizona. Who needs Hawaii?

Vidal Jct ag station

The agriculture inspection station at Vidal Junction CA.

Vidal Jct chickenVidal Junction CA at the intersection of U.S. 95 and California Hwy 62, about 21 miles west of the Colorado River crossing to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. You can still see the chicken icon on the roof of a building that was once a restaurant, apparently years ago.

Vidal Jct store

The little convenience store at Vidal Junction CA. As this place is in the middle of nowhere, the management is able to get away with charging visitors for using the rest room unless they make a purchase. We made a purchase. Two small bags of chips and two small bottles of soda. Over seven dollars. Whew!

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