Anywhere in the World


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

It’s a tough choice, considering the endless banquet of beautiful and intriguing locales the world has to offer.  There are places I have visited and enjoyed immensely.  Then there are the exotic places I have only visited in fantasy.  Finally, there are millions of wonderful places I have never even heard of.

Undoubtedly, the perfect place for me falls in that last category, hiding from my awareness.

Here are my own picks, in no particular order:

Pismo Beach, California – I think the above picture says it all.  The cool, salty, ocean air, gorgeous sunsets, fabulous seafood (including one of my favorite restaurants, improbably a steakhouse named F. McClintock’s).  Reality Check:  Pismo is very close to a large nuclear power plant as well as a major earthquake fault.

Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island – Located in the Town of Westerly in Washington County, on a clear night you can see Montauk lighthouse across Long Island Sound (oh, and about a million stars over the ocean).  In the winter, you have the place to yourself.  I have walked the beach for an hour without seeing another soul.  Misquamicut is packed with college kids and families in the summer, but that’s when the carnival booths and the food stands and the live music is available.  Also, the best ahi tuna I have ever had was at Paddy’s on the beach.  Reality Check:  Most of the houses are rentals, cheap in the winter, with prices skyrocketing into the stratosphere in the summer.  Two other words worth uttering:  Hurricane Sandy.

Portland, Maine – Close enough to Boston for a shopping trip to Faneuil Hall or a day of browsing the museums, but far enough away to lose the big-city feel.  Also close enough for a drive to the piney Maine woods, Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, or even a jaunt over to Nova Scotia.  By now, you can see a pattern of my picks:  Beach, beach, beach.  Need I say more?  Yes, I do:  Fish ‘n chips and Maine blueberry pie.  Reality Check:  I’d need to win the lottery, as I’d likely be unemployed.

New Mexico (preferably Las Cruces or Truth or Consequences) – Okay, no beach here, but wonderful weather all year round.  Las Cruces is a college town with enough culture to keep me occupied and is a short drive to El Paso TX for shopping or Mexico for tacos.  Truth or Consequences, aside from having a cool name, is a bit up in the mountains with four seasons and summers that are not unbearably hot.  Reality Check:  Summer in Las Cruces is hotter than an oven.  I can only take so much desert. 

New York, New York – The Big Apple.  The city that never sleeps.  The center of the universe and the place of my birth.  Where you can get anything at any hour of the day or night if you have enough money.  The place oozes with culture and adventure.  Reality Check:  Crime, rats, roaches and impossible rental prices.  Also noise, congestion, no parking spaces, insane taxi drivers, humid summers and snowy winters.  But that’s okay.  It’s still worth it.

Marysville, California – Home of my little grandniece.  ‘Nuff said.  Reality Check:  The worst combination of hick town and urban sprawl.

And then there are the places of dreams:  The Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), the Swiss Alps, Montmartre in Paris, Copenhagen, southern Italy, Tel Aviv in Israel (right on the Mediterranean beach, but an easy drive to Jerusalem’s historical sites).  And I suppose I’d have to include the Big Island of Hawaii (volcanoes, great beaches and well-separated from the hoo-hah of Honolulu), Fiji and some of the Out Islands of the Bahamas.  No reality check needed.  I’d have to win the lottery several times over to afford most of these places.

So, how about you?  Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

Happy 79th Birthday, Mom!

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